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Engine Tuning For Your Chiptune Car

What is Chip Tuning? By its very nature, Chiptuning is altering or modifying erasable data register read-only by the computer control system of a vehicle, usually to achieve high-quality performance, whether it be the greater power cleaner exhaust emissions, or even better fuel efficiency. The tuner works by “shorting” or shortening the wire that controls the speed of the fan motor that is typically attached to the electronic control system board of your vehicle.


So, how does the novice Chiptune driver alter the wire to create more horsepower? Well, the novice driver will need to have some knowledge of how a vehicle works in order to accomplish this. A basic understanding of how a nitrous kit, for example, works to increase airflow by allowing more air to travel into the engine then cooled off in the radiator; the way a big carburetor works to increase the diameter of the combustion chamber and allow more fuel to burn at low revs; and the way a fuel injector works to increase the amount of fuel going into the engine at a particular rev will help the novice driver to decide how to modify their car to get more horsepower. Sometimes these modifications are also called dirty tuning because the factory Electronic control system thinks that the vehicle has enough horsepower and thus adjusts the speed of the fan motor accordingly. These modifications are very unwise because once a car has been altered it cannot be modified again without voiding the warranty on the vehicle.


If you think you have the skills and are ready to start your Chiptuning adventure, the first thing you will need to do is determine what type of vehicle you want to run Chiptuning on. Some popular vehicles include light trucks, European sports cars, and American Muscle cars. Once you have determined which type of vehicle you wish to run your Chiptuning tune on, then the rest of the tuning process can be done.


The next thing you need to do is download a top notch, high quality program for your tuning. There are many programs out there, but the ones that work the best are the programs that allow you to create your own tuning profile, load the software, tune the car, analyze the data, and optimize the vehicle so that you can achieve your desired fuel consumption.

Most quality software tuning programs will allow you to track your progress on a weekly basis and will also provide weekly updates so that you can see where you’re improving and what you might be doing that is contributing to the improvements.


Now that you have your software, you need to purchase a high-performance engine or replacement engine for your vehicle. The most common type of engine used for chiptuning is a high performance block. This will help you tremendously because it means that you will be able to use your Chiptuning efforts in a more powerful manner and it will also allow you to create better power than your stock engine can provide. Other popular replacement engines are cylinder heads and cylinder valves. Both of these items can also greatly affect the way that you tune your Chiptune because both of these items can make or break the performance that you are hoping to achieve.


The final piece of equipment that you need for your Chiptuning efforts is an electric power tester. When you utilize a chip for your vehicle, you need to ensure that you have enough power in order to properly create the horsepower numbers that you desire. An electric tester will give you a reading of the torque of your engine so that you can determine whether or not additional horsepower is needed or if you will be able to create your desired torque numbers with the stock engine control unit. Make sure that you use the appropriate fuel for your vehicle because if you use a chip that is designed for high performance fuel, then you will end up wasting money if you use low performance fuel.

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